… no fear!

Hartwig Knack, 2005

For some years Vienna based artist Hannah Stippl uses pattern rollers made of rubber as a structural starting point for her paintings. Formerly these rollers were used to apply flowery and ornamental patterns onto the walls of staircases, kitchens and living rooms. Hannah Stippl uses this, previously bourgeois wall decoration, nowadays often associated with happy past times for her engaged artistic comment. (…)

Painting as a Socio-Aesthetic Dispositif

Remarks on the Observation of the Unobservable 

David Komary, 2010

In WORK IN PROGRESS Hannah Stippl turns the retaining walls of the Ernst Arnold Park into the painting surface for a dialogical artistic intervention: in the coming years she will use these walls as her artistic medium – in reaction and response to the spray paint and graffiti scene who have been using these surfaces for years. (…)